The King of Aspiration Prayers

The King of Aspiration Prayers,
The Aspiration for Noble Excellent Conduct



In the language of India: Arya Bhadra Charya Pranidhana Raja.


I pay homage to the noble Manjushri.

To those in the worlds of the ten directions, however many there are,
All the lions among humans who appear during the three times –
To all of them without exception
I pay homage with respectful body, speech, and mind.

The force of my Aspiration Prayer for Excellent Conduct,
Brings all the victorious ones directly to mind;
Bowing down with bodies as numerous as atoms in the realms,
I prostrate to all the victorious ones.

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The Summary of Mahamudra

The Summary of Mahamudra



In the Indian Language: Mahamudra Padametha
In Tibetan: Chagya Chenpo Tsig Dupa
In English: The Summary of Mahamudra


Homage to the state of great bliss!

Concerning what is called Mahamudra:
All things are your own mind.
Seeing objects as external is a mistaken concept:
Like a dream, they are empty of concreteness.

This mind, as well, is a mere movement of attention
That has no self-nature, being only the force of prana.
Empty of identity, like space,
All things, like space, are equal.

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Vital Advice

My Vital Advice

Jamyang Khyentse Chokyi Lodro


Homage to the unsurpassed savior, the Lord of Oddiyana.

Now that you’ve found this precious human life with freedom and richness,
Take care not to squander it unconsciously.
Push yourself to uncover the meaning of this life.

Your mind is the source of everything.
It is skilled in deception and manipulation, and beguiling when unexamined.
Once you look into it, it is without basis or root.
It comes from nowhere, stays nowhere and goes nowhere.
Everything, including samsara and nirvana,
Is but a reflection of pure and impure mind;
In reality, neither samsara nor nirvana exist.

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In Praise of the Incomparable Tsongkhapa

In Praise of the Incomparable Tsongkhapa

by Gyalwa Mikyo Dorje, The Eighth Karmapa


At a time when nearly all in this Northern Land
Were living in utter contradiction to Dharma,
Without illusion, O Tsong Khapa, you polished the teachings.
Hence I sing this praise to you of Ganden Mountain.

When the teachings of Sakya, Kagyu, Kadam
And Nyingma sects in Tibet were declining,
You, O Tsong Khapa, revived Buddha’s Doctrine,
Hence I sing this praise to you of Ganden Mountain.

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Mahamudra Upadesa

Mahamudra Updesa

Oral Instructions on Mahamudra given by Sri Tilopa
to Naropa at the banks of the Ganges river


Translated from the Sanskrit into Tibetan by Chokyi-Lodro, Marpa the Translator
Translated into English by Chögyam Trungpa


Homage to the Co-emergent Wisdom !

Mahamudra cannot be shown;
But for you who are devoted to the guru, who have mastered the ascetic practices
And are forbearant in suffering, intelligent Naropa,
Take this to heart, my fortunate student.

Kye-ho !

Look at the nature of the world,
Impermanent like a mirage or dream;
Even the mirage or dream does not exist.
Therefore, develop renunciation and abandon worldly activities.

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Supplication for the Longevity of the Seventeenth Gyalwa Karmapa

Supplication for the Longevity
of the Seventeenth Gyalwa Karmapa
Ogyen Trinle Dorje


Nirmanakaya of the sixth guide of this fortunate kalpa
And of the mahasiddha Saraha,
Seventeenth body of Dusum Khyenpa-
May your lotus feet be stable and your activity flourish.

You see, just as it is, the suchness of things to be known.
You kindly protect all beings.
Your energy is victorious over mara.
Karmapa, may your lotus feet be stable and your activity flourish.

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The Music of Immortality

The Music of Immortality

A Prayer for the Long Life of
H.H. the 17th Incarnation of Gyalwa Karmapa,
Urgyen Trinley Dorje


Om Svasti Siddham

Wondrous, excellent wisdom body,
Endowed with the glorious ocean of qualities
of freedom and ripening,
Karmapa, embodiment of all the Victors of the three times,
May your lotus feet remain firm; may your activity increase.

The energy of your wisdom issues forth from the Dharmadhatu.
You display wondrous, intentional rebirth
Dharma Lord of the three realms,
you are unequalled in the three times.
May your lotus feet remain firm; may your activity increase.

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